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Madison, WI
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Wisconsin Horse Links


Equine Resources in beautiful Wisconsin

Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Rides Association

Madison Mounted Police
Madison Mounted is the volunteer, non-profit advocacy and fundraising organization that promotes and supports the City of Madison, Wisconsin’s, Mounted Police Patrol Unit.

Oregon Horse Association
We are a nonprofit organization based in Oregon, WI but our members come from many communities in south central WI but mostly from the Oregon/Stoughton/ Belleville area.   We have interests in many equine-related activities including english/western styles of riding, open horse shows, breed shows, trail riding, dressage, jumping, driving, breeding, training and parades.

Wisconsin Dressage and Combined Training Association
The Wisconsin Dressage & Combined Training Association is a non-profit organization run by dedicated volunteers. Through their efforts, the organization offers many services to eventing and dressage enthusiasts throughout the Wisconsin area. WDCTA is a charter member of the United States Dressage Federation ( USDF ).

Wisconsin Horse Council

Friends of Donald Park
In 2000, The Friends of Donald Park, Inc formed as a non-profit organization to work with Dane County Parks to promote park development. The park officially opened to the public in 2002. Donald Park is now a bright star in the Dane County Parks system. As more farms and open spaces give way to urban development, Donald Park preserves the culture and natural heritage of this region.

Horseback Riding Trails in Wisconsin








Yankee and Stefanie

Stefanie Reinhold
ctfd. Masterson Method™Practitioner (MMCP) & Instructor
ctfd. Equine Massage Practitioner, WMSEM





*) Please note: Equine massage and bodywork is a non-invasive, gentle wellness modality aimed at enhancing performance in the healthy horse and never replaces proper veterinary care. If in doubt regarding the physical health of your horse please consult your veterinarian.

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