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My Tribe

It takes a village...

I am very grateful to count the following individuals as trusted friends in the endeavour of helping and supporting horse owners and their horses and proudly call these people 'my tribe'. Please contact them directly with your questions and requests. I am certain your inquiry will be met with the most sincere and caring consideration.

Stefanie Reinhold


Anita Kush

Caballo des mis Sueños, Richmond, IL

“Each moment that passes between our horses and ourselves either reinforces our connection to each other or moves us farther apart.”  Anita Kush has spent many years exploring this human-horse connection for herself and others.
Catalyst in her own development from classical rider and equine performer to human-horse relationship and equine behavior specialist was  the purchase of a horse who was well beyond her skill and abilities.  Quasi, the equivalent of driving a ‘Formula I’ car to work.  Instead of backing from the challenge, Anita accepted the opportunity of having this–and later other horses–as her teacher.  She says: “Luckily, my horses elevated me to their level and taught me the lessons of a life time.

Through them, Anita was able to ride with Sylvia Loch of Kelso, Scotland,  a widely respected  teacher and author of true classical riding.  Then Terry Church of Petaluma, California, who was a student of Tom Dorrance for many years.  She combined  dressage, jumping, and trail riding into something that would be enjoyable for both horse and rider...a wider knowledge of what the horse and rider are really saying and doing with intention.  Among other teachers, also Lee smith and  Michael Richardson, who-from a wheel chair-brings his own unique perspective and skills to horses and people.  Through this journey, Anita learned to approach things in a much more thoughtful and considered manner. She learned to connect with the horse on a deeper level–way beyond types of ‘horsemanship’ that aim to simply get the horse “to do some thing” or another. Instead, Anita opens the door to a dialog with the horse, that forms the basis for mutual understanding and cooperation in everything horse and rider do together.  

Anita teaches that the quality of the ride begins in the paddock; in the stall; grooming and tacking up....not just in the saddle.  “The horse merely reflects to us that which we have put forth.  My work is to  help both horse and rider  understand, accept and trust each other to the best of each of their abilities, to realize what is really being said and done not what we think we is being said and done”, Anita says.
Her mission isTo help both horses and people soar above the ordinary as much as they are willing.


Anita Kush

Contact Anita by email or
phone 847 791 0494









*) Please note: Equine massage and bodywork is a non-invasive, gentle wellness modality aimed at enhancing performance in the healthy horse and never replaces proper veterinary care. If in doubt regarding the physical health of your horse please consult your veterinarian.

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