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"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." (Lao Tzu)

The following testimonials are individual experiences and do not guarantee similar results with your horse(s). Change is a process and requires a joint effort: Practitioner, owner/trainer, instructor, and horse!

Allison B., WI, with the following appreciated feedback for Path to Performance™ instruction:hitching stifle

"My horse, Imax, just turned six and is a tall, leggy Oldenburg cross that is still growing into his body. As a result of a weak hind-end, Imax's stifles began to hitch in the downward transition from trot to walk about a year ago. Until we started to work with Stefanie, my horse Imax and I struggled to find the right approach to addressing Imax’s hitching stifle. We were training towards first level dressage and Imax began to act out, refusing to go forward and bucking. We tried to force him into his work and his willingness quickly deteriorated. Not only was I frustrated with our regression, my horse and I were fundamentally unhappy while working.

Three months ago, we met Stefanie and began to rehab Imax using her gentle methods. During our first ride, it was evident Stefanie’s approach would revolutionize the relationship between me and my horse. Rather than micromanaging his hind-end in an attempt to keep the stifle from hitching, Stefanie encouraged me to let “him figure out how to deal with his body”. I remember her exact words: “His stifle is his problem, let him figure it out on his own. He has lost confidence in himself and you need to give him the opportunity to get that back”. Her words created a new sense of freedom for me and, I could tell, Imax was very happy with this work. Stefanie set a homework plan for us including working over poles, and lots of walking and trotting on a long rein. After a month, my horse’s continuously hitching stifle became a rare event. The best part of this work is the enjoyment, willingness and partnership Imax and I have now. The trust in our relationship has blossomed both on the ground and under saddle. Where there was once frustration and sadness with my horse, there is now joy and excitement for our future together.

I can not be more grateful for Stefanie’s kindness, wisdom and guidance on our journey. Her love for horses, creative problem solving and patient, clear teaching skills make training with her very, very worthwhile." Allison B., WI

Lynda from Wales one month after Email Consultation:

“Hi Stefanie
I just had to say thank you, thank you, thank you, because I had my first canter today on Billy without any bucking, I didn't plan it, it just happened as we rode up a lovely long hill, I was in heaven, previously he would have bucked most of the way up! ... It has been a long haul but hopefully now my confidence will grow and we can get back to enjoying our riding.
Thank you so much, you have given me my horse back.
Ever grateful
Lynda and Billy”

and 4 months later....

"Billy has come on leaps and bounds since we last spoke, no bucking or nappiness, I can ride in company or on my own, go up and down hills, he is fantastic."

Annalise S., WI, provides this feedback about interactive bodywork:

"After having marginal success using other equine bodywork options, I discovered Stefanie Reinhold and was introduced to the Masterson Method. I appreciated how the horse’s participation is key in the sessions and that just like our training method, partnership is stressed. About six months ago Stefanie did the first session with my 4-year-old Irish Sport Horse and we saw immediate improvement in training. Gage felt lighter and more fluid under saddle and volunteered canter in our next ride. This was an impressive improvement .... Stefanie and the Masterson Method have become an integral piece in our training program toward becoming an elite equine athletic team. " -Annalise S.

equine massage presentation

"For six years now I have been struggling with identifying the cause of my Arabian gelding's lameness. I've had him worked on by vets, massage therapists, physical therapists and expensive trainers- all to no avail. For the last few weeks Stefanie has been working on him and she's already done more for us than any of the others. She immediately spotted the possible cause for lameness (which has now been confirmed by a vet) and suggested to obtain a second veterinary opinion. She has helped my horse release several year's worth of stress and tension caused by compensating for his locking stifle. I can not express the gratitude and respect I have for Stefanie as she has hopefully helped me end my search of the root cause and has opened the door for healing. Thank you SO much Stefanie, you have performed a miracle in my mind." -Carrie W.

"My 8 year old mare has had lameness problems off and on since a bad pasture accident when she was 4.  Massage and chiropractic have always helped in the short term, but she continued to relapse for no apparent reason.  Since working with you and the Masterson Method over the last 6 months she has only continued to move more freely. In just 4 sessions we are finally correcting the roots of her condition rather than just making some muscles better.  I am able to work with some of the techniques between sessions too.  The whole system is physiologically and energetically sound and is doing wonders for my horse.  I am grateful more than I can tell you."  Shirley J. D., Madison

Image, Photo Art © by Rod Melotte >>

Morgan mare

Mary and her Arabian Remington"I purchased my Arabian gelding, Remington, as a 5-year-old... He was girthy, refused to take the canter cue and would quite often even break into a sort of temper tantrum complete with very agile and frightening bucking episodes. This irritable behavior gradually became increasingly intense and increased in frequency until he began to display his bucking theatrics even during simple ground work.

I was at my wit’s end with what to do and I began to consider selling him .... It finally occurred to me that he might be reacting to pain and discomfort ...he was letting me know the only way he knew how. ... I began to research horse massage methods and discovered The Masterson Method of horse massage and was delighted to discover a practitioner in my area, Stefanie Reinhold. ... Remy was tentative at first ... but Stefanie’s quiet calming presence settled him down in short order and he became relaxed and completely at ease. At the second treatment a month later, Remy remembered Stefanie and nearly crawled into her lap. After the initial treatment we noticed some very definite and encouraging improvement and by the third treatment, 3 months later I can honestly say that I have a new horse! Stefanie’s treatments have changed my very tense, agitated horse into a calm, steady and trusting horse, have helped dissipate some of the muscle wastage on Remy’s right shoulder...Remy is now a pleasure to ride, has a willing attitude, is less girthy, never bucks and takes both canter lead cues willingly...I highly recommend Stefanie as an adjunct to healthy, natural horsekeeping.. but I would especially urge anyone who has a horse with behavior and/or physiological issues to have Stefanie give their horse a chance for a new lease on life. Like me, you may even get a new horse in the process."
Photo of Remington ©Mary Carlson

Mary C.




Yankee and Stefanie

Stefanie Reinhold
ctfd. Masterson Method™Practitioner (MMCP) & Instructor
ctfd. Equine Massage Practitioner, WMSEM





*) Please note: Equine massage and bodywork is a non-invasive, gentle wellness modality aimed at enhancing performance in the healthy horse and never replaces proper veterinary care. If in doubt regarding the physical health of your horse please consult your veterinarian.

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