What is Your Horse’s “Best Self”?

Optimizing wellness and performance

Since 2007, I have been serving horses and their owners in resolving and preventing performance issues. You may have noticed your horse short-stepping, not taking a lead, bucking, having a change in attitude or behavior, grinding teeth, refusing jumps, etc.

Once health issues are ruled out by a veterinarian, you may find yourself puzzled about the cause of the performance issue. The causes are often—but not always—surprisingly simple to solve. A detailed plan to address the issue will help you help your horse.

To support your horse by getting to the root of the problem, we will look at the primary causes of performance and behavior challenges.

dressage saddle with girth

Saddle Fitting

With my background in bodywork and training, I know how important proper saddle fit is. The saddle is the interface between rider and horse and can ‘make or break’ a trusting, successful horse/rider relationship. 
Improperly fitted saddles lead to discomfort, resistance, and – in the worst case scenario – lasting physical ailments in the horse.
  • As an independent saddle fitter, I will evaluate any saddle you may have at hand or intend to purchase in an in-depth saddle fitting session.
  • As a certified Passier® saddle fitter, I will work with you and your horse to create a custom fit that meets your needs and surpasses your expectations.
To learn more about my saddle fitting services, please contact me.

horse massage masterson method

Bodywork Presentations

Equine bodywork (beyond ‘horse massage’) can be a very effective tool to address tension and restriction that causes discomfort and performance issues. My method of choice is the Masterson Method®, combined with other bodywork techniques and guided exercises. I love to spread the word about these non-invasive techniques. While I no longer offer bodywork for individual clients as a service (starting 9/1/21), I will be happy to give a demo or presentation to you, your barn, your club or organization that will help you discover the benefits of bodywork and point you to next steps towards finding a qualified bodywork practitioner or your own learning path.

Instruction – Group & Individual Lessons

Creating a sound foundation for performance through application of techniques and exercises that create a relaxed, supple, and strong horse. This approach—the Path to Performance™—is suitable for any horse in any discipline. Learn exercises to relax, supple, and strengthen your horse on the ground, under saddle and on the longe line, based on classical German Horsemanship paired with non-confrontational solutions to behavior problems. This foundation training is designed to support your work with your horse in any discipline and does not replace your regular discipline-specific training.


The Path to Performance™ seminars are an enjoyable exploration into ‘can do’ for your horse. You bring your obstacles and challenges and we’ll work through the three pillars Relaxation – Suppleness – Strength to improve the way you and your horse experience your activities together and the results you will get. We will also touch on common (and not so common) behavior problems and find non-confrontational solutions. You will walk away with a deeper understanding on how to support your horse, build a better partnership, and reach your goals while ensuring your horse’s mental, emotional, and physical wellness.

Please contact me and let me know how I can serve you: