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2008 RPSI Geldingrpsi gelding
16.2 – bay
Sire: Noble Houston
Dam: Worldly Ruler
Felix is a true performer, a horse with presence and dignity.
He has been shown Training and First Level Dressage.
Due to owner returning to college, the price has now been reduced from $18,500 to $16,000 – delivery outside of Wisconsin possible.
This stately gelding would excel in an environment where he can utilize his broad spectrum of abilities, such as with a rider with an interest in eventing or fox hunting. Only to an approved new owner with reference. Thank you.

Please contact me for details about this very capable and impressive gelding. I will be happy to send you a flier and videos.







*) Please note: Equine massage and bodywork is a non-invasive, gentle wellness modality aimed at enhancing performance in the healthy horse and never replaces proper veterinary care. If in doubt regarding the physical health of your horse please consult your veterinarian.

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