BugPellent Natural Fly & Tick Spray


Natural, effective, cost-efficient. Spray bottle plus refill concentrate!
Made in USA


Ready to use!

BugPellent natural fly & tick spray shields your horse from insects naturally. Controls flies, ticks, gnats, mosquitoes and more!

HOW TO USE: Spray straight on the horse and brush against the direction of hair growth, then with the direction of hair growth.

TIP: For trail rides, spray a generous amount on a small rag, place rag in a zip lock bag and take along. Re-apply as needed in problem areas (ears, face, etc.) during the ride.

In our product test, this product proved especially effective as a tick repellent in horses on 24/7 turnout!

NO pyrethrins, pyrethrums, industrial pesticides or other harmful substances. Made with natural essential oils.

Size: 32 oz. spray bottle

Made in USA


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