1-Day Seminar “Saddle Fit & Bodywork”


Join us for a one-day seminar of intense, hands-on learning about saddle fit and the impact of ill-fitting saddles. You will also take home a set of specific bodywork exercises to address any issues caused by saddle fit. With Stefanie Reinhold and Mary Kate Henry.

[You may trailer in your horse. Barn horses will be available for those, who do not bring a horse.]



Join us for a day of learning, where we explore and answer your questions:

  1. Does my saddle fit my horse and me?
  2. How do I detect saddle fit issues?
  3. How do specific saddle fit issues impact my horse’s body and wellness?
  4. How can I help my horse overcome the issues caused by less-than-ideal saddle fit with bodywork exercises?
  5. And more…

Prepare for a practical, hands-on seminar! Read more detail on the ‘Saddle Fit & Bodywork’ clinic on the event page.

DATE: Saturday, April 22, 2023

LOCATION: Edgewater Farms, Larsen, WI

[You may trailer in your horse. Horse accommodations will be arranged with host barn. Barn horses will be available for those, who do not bring their own horse.]


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