It Takes a Village…

To Serve a Horse


stefanie reinhold

path to performance™

Stefanie is the owner of Reinhold’s Horse Wellness. She is a certified equine bodywork practitioner (equine massage WMSEM, Masterson Method) and has developed the Path to Performance™ approach to equine wellness and improved performance.

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Mary Kate is a well-rounded equine bodywork professional, certified human massage therapist and certified Masterson Method® practitioner and coach. Her skill portfolio includes
JointYoga™, Acupressure, Cranial Sacral Therapy , Precision Neuromuscular
Therapy,  herbal blends and aromatherapy.

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anita kush


“Each moment that passes between our horses and ourselves either reinforces our connection to each other or moves us farther apart.” Anita Kush, horse behavior trainer and former international equestrian performer, who studied with Terry Church, has spent many years exploring this human-horse connection for herself and others.
Anita’s mission: To help both horses and people soar above the ordinary as much as they are willing.

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