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About Stefanie Reinhold

Caring about the horse’s wellness

A native German, I first learned about the needs of performance horses in Germany during an FN Trainer (Bereiter) apprenticeship in the late 1970s. After raising a family and years in the corporate world, I returned to working with horses in 2007, this time with the goal to help horses perform to their best ability by optimizing the horse’s wellness.

Certification in Equine Massage (WMSEM 2007) and the Masterson Method® in 2008 provided the basis for my practice. The experience during my education with Jim Masterson was eye-opening and I soon became the first person to be certified in the Masterson Method® and the first certified instructor in this method, which has now won worldwide acclaim.

In 2010, I was honored to co-author Jim Masterson’s book on his method “Beyond Horse Massage”, which has now been translated into multiple languages.

My strong interest in horse wellness motivated me to translate several equestrian books (by Christian Schacht, Eckart Meyners) into the English language. In 2014 I published my translation of the H. Dv. 12 German Cavalry Manual through Xenophon Press.

Having worked with thousands of different horses over the years—from 4-H ponies to champion endurance horses and top breeding studs in Germany—I now combine my experience in equine bodywork, ground work, training, and classical German horsemanship into a three-prong approach to achieve optimal wellness in horses: The Path to Performance™ approach (relax, supple, gymnasticize) that incorporates release of tension, suppling exercises, and strengthening exercises to create a basis for healthy performance in any horse. 


Stefanie Reinhold
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Performance based on preparation

The Path to Performance™

Relaxed – Supple – Strong

All performance requires the that ‘the house is in order’, meaning the basis for performance is set, the horse is able and confident to take the next step. With the proper basis, injuries and behavior problems are an exception.

Performance and behavior issues are often a result of not having this ‘house in order’… Treating the symptoms of this lack of proper preparation is a moot point. It’s simply enabling the ‘backwards’ approach to continue.

Instead, my goal is to support you in your efforts to create a sound basis for your horse’s performance. Mental and physical relaxation, then suppleness and strength through gymnasticizing and guided exercises.

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